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A Few of Our Success Stories


Ready For Real Lasting Fat Loss Phoenix?

Does this sound familiar? …

You find a great new diet, maybe lose a few pounds, a few weeks later look at food, and gain the weight back.

You rationalize it away thinking, “Well, I’m getting older, it must be my metabolism or my hormones?” So, you blame yourself and resolve to just try harder!

You get the best diet pills, hCG, Fen-Phen, counting points, Keto, Paleo,
intermittent fasting or the Cabbage Soup Diet. Really?

How long can you do this?

And how healthy is it?

The diet industry makes billions, yet Americans are sicker and fatter than ever!


What if I told you it's likely NOT your fault?

Here’s what I find interesting, people have lost weight and kept it off using any of the above weight loss programs, yet people come to me every day having tried all of them and get no real result.


I mean if it works for one person they should work for everyone, right?

Here’s the problem, and it has nothing to do with your age, metabolism, or your hormones!

“My relationship with food used to be, crave, eat, and feel guilty. Now I feel just the opposite. I went from a size 12 to a loose-fitting size 6 in 5 weeks!” – Angelia D.

Most people I see who struggle to lose weight in spite of a healthy lifestyle their body is simply out of balance internally.

This causes their fat storage hormones to become dominant.

You can diet until the cows come home but if your fat storage hormones are dominant no amount of chicken and broccoli is going to help you lose weight.

Believe me I have tried- but more on that later 🙂

So What Really Causes Weight Gain?

We can all agree, eating too much of the wrong food will cause weight gain, but the vast majority of people I see are eating pretty well and still can’t lose weight.

There are many factors that can cause your body to be out of balance and in fat storage mode, making weight loss difficult to say the least!

check-mark-1 Imbalance in Healthy Gut Bacteria

check-mark-1 Environmental Toxins

check-mark-1 Sluggish Liver / Thyroid /Adrenals

check-mark-1 Stress (either current or from years ago)

If one of these is causing your weight gain, all the diet and exercise in the world will just leave you frustrated and wanting to give up…


These are a few of the things we screen for to get to the CAUSE, a much different approach than the typical hCG clinic in Phoenix, for example.

Most people think, ‘If I lose weight I will get healthy’. The reality is to get healthy (and balanced) and you’ll lose weight!- Dr. Infantino

Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss Connection

Gut, Liver, Lymph graphic
Many of us have an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, which triggers powerful fat-storage hormones.
This also leads to yeast growth or candida. Yeast in the gut can create digestive issues like bloating, constipation, IBS, and leaky gut to name a few.
These gut imbalances can also cause autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, Hashimoto’s disease, fibromyalgia, etc.
They also secrete chemicals to cause you to crave what they love – sugar, processed grains, (bread, pasta, tortillas, etc.) when you have this happening it’s difficult if not impossible to have willpower!
As a side note, the average person in this country is said to have five to thirty POUNDS of undigested fecal material sitting in their gut-growing yeast and creating inflammation.
Solution? Cleanse and heal your gut 🙂
When it comes to understanding the connection between gut health and weight gain this is one of the best articles I’ve come across, It’s simple to understand and sums it up perfectly.

“I lost 54 pounds in 12 weeks, no longer need meds for Type 2 Diabetes, and my sugar is absolutely under control. I can’t say enough about this. You have to do it!”– Steve 

Low Thyroid

Has your doctor told you your thyroid is normal yet you still suspect you have a thyroid problem?
It’s important to understand the vast majority of thyroid problems are caused by gut issues, including Hashimoto’s low thyroid disease.
The great news is, often these problems can be corrected by custom nutrition plan and herbal supplements.

Environmental Toxins and Weight Loss

Toxins that cause weight gain are known as obesogens, they cause weight gain by altering metabolism, and hormone balance.


“Chemicals as heavy metals, some solvents, pesticides, BPA, organophosphates, phthalates, PCB, PBBs, and many other substances are documented to cause weight gain.”
– National Institute of Health


We are all exposed to toxins daily from personal care products like sunscreens, deodorant mouthwash toothpaste to cleaning products like Lysol and Windex. Unfortunately whatever our body can’t eliminate it will store in fat.
According to the EPA, if you’re average, you have around six hundred different toxins in one fat cell! These toxins keep us overweight, create inflammation, and compete with / mimic hormones.
Here’s a great article from the National Institute of Health linking toxins to weight gain.
Here’s another great one explaining what obesogens are…
This is why the majority of our programs include cleansing toxins from the system. A side effect of cleansing toxins is fast, healthy, more permanent weight loss.

Stress and Weight Loss

Yes, we virtually all have some stress, but did you know past stress, even from childhood, may be responsible for your weight gain today?
Stress causes a release of cortisol which is a powerful fat-storage hormone.
Very often the stressor is long gone yet our body tries to protect us by continuing to store fat.
Thousands of years ago stress was from lack of food or shelter so we stored body fat to protect ourselves from the environment.
Stress today is completely different yet our bodies respond the same way- storing fat!
That’s why it’s critical to deal with this aspect of weight gain.

Cleansing the Liver to Lose Weight

Think of your liver like a giant filter.
Every day it’s busy cleaning your body from environmental toxins like personal care products and cleaning products.
Considering how many toxins have been added to our environment in the last few hundred years to say our livers are sluggish and overwhelmed would be an understatement.
This is what leads to gallbladder issues and fatty liver.
The problem is it’s also your only fat-burning organ.
Cleansing and healing your liver “reignite” the furnace of your metabolism so to speak 🙂
Bottom line?
No amount of weight loss services will make a difference if you don’t address the cause of the problem. Here’s a helpful article.
There are lots of gimmicks out there but there’s no substitute for getting your body healthy, the side effect of which is long-lasting weight loss.

“My body is lighter, energy higher & waistline much smaller. I feel great!” – Shirl F. 

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“I’m Dr. Anthony Infantino. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 1992. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic w/ post graduate education in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, & owner of Platinum Wellness. For over 28 years, I’ve helped thousands of people lose weight & keep it off for good, get off meds for symptoms like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cholesterol, reflux, & fatigue, to name a few, by focusing on solving the cause of the problem, not endless symptom management. Maybe I can help you? Let’s find out together. ” – Dr. Infantino

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