Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

“I lost 70 pounds, no longer need medicine for type two diabetes, and my sugar is absolutely under control…” See Steve’s Testimonial on YouTube.


Ready to lower your blood sugar and A1C Phoenix? Dr. Infantino explains the real key.

Here at Platinum Wellness, we do not treat diabetes. Now before you stop reading hear me out for a second… We empower people to become truly healthy and in most cases lower their blood sugar and A1c naturally, safely, and effectively which aides in reversing type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Unfortunately, traditional diabetic treatments mostly revolve around the use of pharmaceuticals to regulate blood sugar with no real hope for improvement. You know the routine, meds like Metformin taken over time while the condition worsens, ultimately leading to larger doses and eventually insulin. All of which can be dangerous.  Like any medication, Metformin has side effects. In particular, it has caused digestive issues for many of the people who come to see us.

Is Your Medication Keeping You From Reversing Type 2

,Very often, the same medications used to treat type two diabetes which can be reversed, actually lead to type one diabetes which is irreversible. This was recently reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

So, how do you go about reversing type two diabetes?

Well first off if you’re on medication I’m certainly not suggesting you should stop, but there is a growing body of evidence that says you can reduce or eliminate medications by simply getting healthy enough to not need them.

You see, most of what you’ve heard about diabetes is likely wrong….

Let’s start at the beginning… The real problem with type two diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood sugar, etc. is that your cells aren’t sensitive to the insulin you produce. So medications are given to make the cells more ‘sensitive’. These medications can lower blood sugar and your A-1 C, so it seems like the problem is solved…

Unfortunately, most people who start with these medications have to keep increasing the dosages. They eventually end up on insulin because they don’t get to the real root of the problem. Again, it’s not a lack of insulin, rather a lack of insulin sensitivity of your cells.

This can happen in several ways. Determining and removing the cause of the problem is the key to increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar.

So why does this matter? A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded “Insulin therapy for type two diabetes can do more harm than good.”

Our Approach to Insulin Therapy

Our approach is simple, predictable, and effective. Virtually all of our patients reduce or eliminate the need for blood sugar medications not because we wave a magic wand with them, but rather we look to resolve the root cause of the problem and then empower them to reclaim their health.

Does it take some work? Yes! Is it worth it? I’d certainly say so…

“I was searching for a solution to my type 2 diabetes which was spiraling out of control. For 10 years I’ve listened to my physician and no matter what I tried, my A1C levels kept increasing along with medications. It was time for a change! After the first few days my blood sugar levels have been in the normal range and have remained stable for 7 weeks. There’s no doubt this program works and is an answer to all my prayers. Thank you Platinum Wellness.”