(Hint it’s not your age, your metabolism or your hormones!)

“But you don’t understand honey, we’re Italian, it’s what we do, we eat”
I’ll never forget hearing my mom say that to me a few years back in total frustration after dieting on and off for years. She’d lose 10 pounds, gain back 12 by just looking at food until eventually it wouldn’t matter what she ate or tried, weight wouldn’t come off.

Maybe you can relate…? You’ve tried everything and eventually get to the point where it doesn’t really seem to matter what you eat…It just doesn’t come off anymore…

Let me backup a little first. How did I get started in all this you ask?

A few years back I watched my grandmother die from diabetes. My only real memory of her is in a blue wheelchair with white bandaged up stumps where her legs used to be, all from the side effects of diabetes.

Then I watched as my mom ( and the rest of our family for that matter) dieted endlessly to avoid that same fate, but still we found ourselves heading down the same path, overweight on meds and struggling.

I just couldn’t figure it out. We would change our lifestyle and eat really well but no result- what were we missing?

How to lose weight over 50 (or any age for that matter 🙂

There’s a little known “secret” that I’ve shared with thousands of people at my weight loss clinic in Phoenix Arizona over the last 25 years that is completely life-changing.

Okay to be honest it’s really not much of a secret but it is completely overlooked. I’ve been blessed to see this information reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, fix digestive issues, restore energy, help people sleep and balance hormones that help people lose and keep weight off.

But please understand, when I say secret don’t think I have a magic wand or pill- there are enough of those out there! But I do have a proven commonsense approach that works. So if you’re at a point where you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, lose weight, become healthy and feel amazing AND you’re willing to do a little work to get there perhaps I can help.

I’ve come to learn there are two types of people who come to weight loss.

The first person eats poorly and knows it, gets no real exercise but walks the dog at night and wonders why they’re not losing 50 pounds a month? The answer here is pretty simple: eat better and you’ll likely lose weight.

The second person cleans up their diet, gets a little exercise and does everything right. Basically they do what they’ve always done. It’s always worked in the past. So why not?

When it doesn’t work they think to themselves, “Well I am getting older, maybe it’s my metabolism or my hormones aren’t balanced?

If you can resonate with the second person, It’s not your fault!

Your weight and likely health problems that go with it, isn’t a calories and exercise issue or a willpower issue or an age or even a metabolism issue. In fact,

I’ll show you how to lose weight with no willpower!

Drumroll… It’s simply a body out of balance issue.

This is why dieting seems to get harder and harder as we age! It’s not because we’re older, it’s because we’ve been around long enough to accumulate these imbalances which puts your body in fat storage mode, and no amount of chicken and broccoli is going to fix that.

The question no one’s asking is the obvious one.

Why is it difficult for me to lose weight?

Think of successful long-term weight loss like a combination lock. If you need four numbers and I gave you two could you open the lock? Of course not!

Let’s say those two numbers you had were eating well and exercise, and you became an expert at those. Would it make any difference?

No, you can try over and over again but if the two other numbers maybe for you included healing a gut issue or cleansing your liver, balancing thyroid hormones etc. you can eat right and exercise until the cows come home what will you have accomplished? Exactly… nothing!

I think it was Einstein once who said the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. The average woman in this country diets 28 years of her life. How’s that for insanity?

A Permanent Solution

What if it was a permanent solution that you could lose it all, feel amazing and never have to diet again?

What if you had the other two numbers to the combination lock? How long would it take you to open the lock? To lose the weight and never look back? Pretty quick right?

That’s what we do- we help you figure out specifically what’s going on in your body, which imbalances need to be addressed. Once we find the problem we customize a solution.

We’ve customized weight loss programs in Phoenix with no prepackaged meals, no shots, no drugs, no starvation, just eating real food until you’re full. It’s all about flooding your body with the right nutrition so your body can heal from the inside out.

Just imagine rebooting your metabolism and hormones etc. to burn fat and feel amazing again!

Ultimately there’s no substitute for getting healthy… Now before you say “DUH” let me finish… We’re taught- just lose weight and you’ll get healthy!” WRONG!! We have it backwards which is why 80% of people are overweight!

You don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight!

Flooding your body with the best nutrition and supplements to lose weight (specifically designed for you) along with cleansing and detoxifying the liver, lymphatic system and you’ll not only become healthy, but feel better than you have in years!!

There are however significant side effects to this process… In addition to losing the excess weight, your energy will skyrocket, your digestion will improve (no more bloating, constipation reflux, IBS etc.) you’ll sleep like a baby, and you’ll likely get off medications for high cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, acid reflux, sleeping the list goes on…

So are YOU ready? Life’s too short to not be energized doing the things you love with family and friends on a regular basis. This life is not a dress rehearsal!

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