Maria-Day 7 on the program:

“Boy, I’m more than happy to share my experience thus far. One, I’m beaming regularly. I’m urinating like very, very frequently. I have had some headaches, but I have had absolutely no problem. I’m taking all my supplements. I’m following it to the T, literally all the recipes as written in the book. Every single thing, I went out shopping and bought what I didn’t have on the shelf. I cleaned up my pantry. I’m having a really, really good time with it. And I’m just excited and it’s just like every day I wake up and it’s like, Oh God, here it goes with the another day. Yes, this is my new life. I’m really excited. It’s it’s a blessing. It’s very spiritual for me and I love it. Thank you. Thank you.”


Maria-End of program:

Testimonial on Youtube

“I’ve tried every diet. I mean, every diet, baby food diet, Grapefruit diet, Atkins, South Beach, Fit for Life. Name it. I have tried it, tried it…

It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Infantino on TV, on Sonoran Living, as he said something very powerful and he talked about no regimen, no diet is going to work unless you start from the inside out. So that, to me, was key and very profound. I went online, immediately looked up Platinum Wellness, and I listened to that video that he has. And I would encourage all of you to do so because when he talks about how he grew up and how he saw his grandmother in the state that is in and how it, it really impressed upon him, the importance of addressing health, do yourselves a favor best and best in itself, because you’ve got to take care of yourself. You’ve got one life to live. Let’s, let’s do it and let’s do it right. Live to the fullest. God bless.”