What is EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) and how can it help me?

Exercise with oxygen therapy shortly abbreviated as the EWOT is one the most effective and inexpensive method of physical exercise method. All beings on the earth depend upon oxygen for survival, the oxygen plays a vital source for the normal healthy functioning of our body. The latest research concluded that oxygen is not just the source of life but a truly gifted element. Did you know that Oxygen is capable of reducing the stage four cancers, slow down your aging process, improve your body healing rate and more? EWOT is one such therapy; it combines oxygen with exercise to stimulate your body cells to heal it. This article has enlisted details on how EWOT can help you.

What is EWOT?

As you all know we don’t breathe pure oxygen every day. The air we breathe is polluted with toxic substances. The aim of the EWOT is to deliver pure oxygen directly into your body.  Normally when you exercise your body consumes a large amount of oxygen; the EWOT therapy additionally uses an oxygen mask to deliver pure oxygen directly into your body for the multiple benefits.

How does it work?

You might have seen people under the serious health condition uses the oxygen mask, this is doesn’t mean that they can’t breathe or their lung is damaged. The additional oxygen supply is to prevent the further damage that is yet to cause. This concept is captured by EWOT, under the extreme stress or pressure our body drives more oxygen to the brain, it delivers more red blood cells to all parts of the body by supplying surplus pure oxygen, and your body utilizes more and more oxygen thereby increasing your metabolic rate and rejuvenate your body

How it helps you?

Exercise with oxygen therapy can create a remarkable effect even in the short period of time. The benefits of EWOT are as follows

  • Improve your overall energy level since the therapy pumps more oxygen to the cells
  • Prolongs your lifetime besides helping you maintain a youthful toned body
  • Burns up to 5 times more calories than the normal exercise routine
  • Prevents the severity of cancers and other chronic illness by the plasma oxygenated level
  • Faster recovery from jet lags, non-healing wounds
  • Promote a quality health and avert the possibility of falling prey to other diseases.
  • Boost up your immune system
  • Improve low oxygen saturation condition
  • Slow down age-related diseases such as diabetes, muscular degeneration, cataracts, and fibromyalgia.
  • Heal the depleted tissues and repair cells

Is it safe?

The oxygen therapy possesses no threat; however, proper precaution should be taken while using the device.

  • Do not smoke in the oxygen tank area or while using the tank as a cigarette piece are a combustible substance it is safe to avoid using them in an oxygenated area.
  • Secure the tank from external corrosions
  • Avoid any electrical equipment such as an electric razor, vibrating toys, audio devices etc.
  • EWOT therapy is the most recommended and must try for those seeking prolonged healthier life. So if you think this therapy right for you to do some online research and consult a physician.