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Learn the CAUSES and How to Reverse the Symptoms

Many factors can cause your hormones to be in fat-storage vs. fat-burning mode, making sustained weight loss difficult, to say the least!

An imbalance in healthy gut bacteria (eventually causing gas, reflux, constipation, bloating, etc.), environmental toxins, sluggish adrenals/thyroid, and current or past stress are a few of the things we screen for to get to the CAUSE of weight gain.

Maybe you can relate?  You diet, lose a few pounds, look at food, and gain the weight back.  You rationalize it away thinking, “Well, I’m getting older, it’s my metabolism.”  It’s not your metabolism!  So, you blame yourself and resolve to just try harder with diet pills, HCG, Fen-Phen, eating less, eating only protein, etc.  How long can you do this?  And how healthy is it?  Over 90% of diets fail.

We all know that.  Here’s why:
Most people think, ‘If I lose weight I will get healthy’.  The reality is to get healthy (and balanced) and you’ll lose weight!

So often, the body is simply out of balance and hormones are in fat-storage mode and you need help balancing your hormones, not specific weight loss services.  Restoring balance (i.e., health) is the key! Many of us, for instance, have an imbalance of bacteria in the gut which triggers fat-storage hormones. This also leads to yeast growth (candida) which causes cravings for sugar, flour, grains, alcohol, etc.

Since you can’t out-willpower your physiology, the cycle continues and you crave the wrong foods.  Gut imbalances can also cause leaky gut syndrome, allergies, autoimmune diseases, celiac disease, Hashimoto’s disease, fibromyalgia, etc.

No amount of weight loss services – if not properly treating the root of the problem – will make a difference. There are many causes: antibiotics, processed food (even if consumed years ago), coffee, aging, and even stress.

  • “My relationship with food used to be, crave, eat, and feel guilty. Now I feel just the opposite. I went from a size 12 to a loose-fitting size 6 in 5 weeks!”* – Angelia D.

How about your thyroid?  Suspect it’s sluggish but been told it’s not?  Blood work may not tell the whole story…

Imagine this: the EPA says you likely have 400-800 toxins stored in your fat cells.  When we “diet” fat comes out leaving concentrated toxins behind.  Our body tries to dilute these toxins by – you guessed it – increasing fat storage to protect you! This is called the rebound effect.

  • “I lost 54 pounds in 12 weeks, no longer need insulin or metformin for Type 2 Diabetes, and my sugar is absolutely under control. I can’t say enough about this. You have to do it!”* – Steve L. 

Stress (physical or mental) can also increase fat-storage hormones like cortisol. While we can’t always eliminate the stress, we can change how your body responds to it using Mind Tap Technology.

  • “My body is lighter, energy higher & waistline much smaller. I feel great!”* – Shirl F. 

At Platinum Wellness weight loss clinic in Phoenix, we want to find out what is preventing your body from losing weight and fixing. Making your body healthier will, in turn, translate to a healthier, slimmer you, without any gimmicky weight loss services.

Don’t continue down the path of trying and failing at another fad diet, come to Platinum Wellness weight loss clinic in Phoenix and ditch fad diets, and common weight loss services.

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