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Dr. Infantino Visits ABC 15 Sonoran Living

Dr Anthony of Platinum Wellness recently visited with ABC 15 Sonoran Living Morning. He discusses the real issues behind why people can’t shed those excess pounds of fat. Click HERE to schedule your Free Dinner Seminar where we will discuss our Whole Body Wellness approach. Receive a FREE online health assessment, and FREE one hour consultation by signing up. A $299 value.

* The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Don’t have time for the talk, come visit us and try our Far Infrared Sauna technology. It is the only proven, successful way, of getting rid of stored toxins. It pulls chemicals out of stored fat directly into sweat.

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Our Approach to Whole Body Wellness

We focus on empowering people, not treating disease, because we believe that health and healing comes from within. The key is simply a matter of removing interference, such as structural alterations, toxins, stress, subluxations and poor diet, and giving the body what it needs to create new healthy cells.

At Platinum Wellness, our approach to whole body wellness is Simply Different. While many health providers seek first to act invasively — by prescribing another medication or procedure — we address the causes of your problems and coach you to reclaim your health.

Disease Care and Nutrition Programs

Disease Care: Traditionally, this approach focuses on symptoms without removing their cause. Over time, problems compound, and we age prematurely.

True Healthcare: Finding and removing the causes of your weight gain, fatigue, digestive problems and other health issues requires an individualized strategy to restore optimal health. Many people see results through our nutrition programs.

“I have been blessed to teach thousands to keep/reclaim their health. I’d like the opportunity to earn your trust and do the same for your family.”

— Dr. Infantino


Our practice combines natural chiropractic philosophies with proactive, holistic health care to deliver complete health restoration – enabling our clients to live healthier, fuller, happier lives!
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