Nutritional Coaching

Have you ever found yourself dieting but not getting any results? Or maybe you’re cruising along when suddenly the weight doesn’t come off anymore? Is there anything more frustrating?!  Then you try to guess… Should I eat more or should I eat less? Or should I exercise more or less?  Maybe I should try fasting or counting points? Or maybe I need a weight loss drug etc., etc.

I think we’ve all been stuck on a weight loss program at some point, I know I certainly have been!” 

That’s why we have coaching! Weight loss coaching at Platinum Wellness isn’t just for accountability, although that is super important! The main reason we have coaching is to make consistent adjustments to the program as we go to make sure you’re accomplishing as much as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Having coached thousands of people over the years, we have a pretty good insight on how to ‘tweak’ your program to fit your individual needs so you can keep losing weight consistently  without the guesswork.   As you journal and give us information, we will be able to customize your game plan week to week.

Sometimes your coach will give you a virtual hug 🙂 and sometimes a kick 🙂 it just depends on what you need. Our obligation is to get you a result. Coaching does require great communication from both parties so that we can make sure you lose the most weight in the shortest time and more importantly get you  as healthy as possible through the process! 

Our Coach

Alyssa Peters

Alyssa Peters is the health coach at Platinum Wellness. She moved to Arizona with her husband almost 2 years ago from Baltimore, MD. Alyssa has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and a Master’s in Health & Wellness Coaching with a specialization in Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is also a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.

In her down time, Alyssa loves spending time with her husband and son, especially hiking or in the outdoors.  She also enjoys cycling, cooking, yoga and other practices such as meditation the promote reflection and self awareness.

Alyssa is passionate about helping others to optimize their well-being and has over 5 years of experience working as a coach in weight loss and fitness. Alyssa takes a holistic and co-active approach to her patient interactions. She believes that every person is their own greatest resource and has the power within themselves to bring about healing and, ultimately, transformation.

After Dr. Infantino customizes your plan based on your health goals and budget, you will be introduced to your coach.  Your coach will personally guide you through your program.  You will have access to both so you will get all the support, education and accountability you need!  

Thousands of people like you have been coached successfully through our programs over the years, so we have the experience to get you results when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off!  You will discover the best food for you, how to prepare them, and even how to replace the food you currently enjoy with others that you’ll not only love but will support your long term goals.  

You will be given all the recipes you could ever prepare so you can be revitalized to lose weight and feel energized.  Your coach will always be there for you. 🙂