Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

far infrared sauna
Far Infrared Sauna

At Platinum Wellness we use far infrared sauna for a variety of reasons. The benefits of far infrared sauna include detoxifying the body, aiding in weight loss, reducing inflammation (muscle aches and joint pain) and even helping with diabetes and cellulite!

Unfortunately, Americans are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals on a daily basis. A recent study shows the average American has somewhere between 400 and 800 toxins in a single fat cell! These toxins come from things like personal care products, cleaning products, etc.  It’s been said the average American household contains approximately 50,000 different chemicals! 

Toxins in our system can compete with or mimic hormones causing hormone imbalances, weight gain, inflammation, cancer, to name a few!  

Far Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss

Our bodies simply weren’t designed to be exposed to these toxins. Whatever we can’t eliminate, we store in fat cells.  The problem is, our bodies try to keep these toxins diluted by storing extra fat in a fat cell.  This is one of the reasons why so many Americans are overweight!  

“Far Infrared Sauna technology is the only proven, most efficacious way of getting rid of stored toxins. It pulls chemicals out of stored fat directly into sweat. I’m convinced everyone should use F.I.R.S. to restore health.”-Sherry Rodgers, MD

How Does a Far Infrared Sauna Work?

A quality far infrared sauna will penetrate 2 inches under the skin, opening pores in fat cells which allows both toxins and fat to ‘leak’ out. The number of calories burned in a far infrared sauna can be as many as 600 – 800 in 30 minutes! The toxins can then be eliminated. It is important to take binding supplements which help our bodies eliminate them better. By the way, cellulite is basically toxins trapped under the skin. Far infrared saunas break down cellulite by detoxifying the body. 

Cleansing for Weight Loss

The challenge for so many people is they work hard to burn fat without cleansing toxins which makes it so much harder to lose weight. Even if you could lose fat, if you don’t detoxify at the same time your body will try to put fat back in a fat cell to dilute the toxins that were left behind. This is called the rebound effect- where you lose 10 lbs. and gain back 12 the next month! 

We recommend saunas in the majority of our programs to rid the body of toxins and fat once and for all! Not to mention, the Journal of the American Medical Association also mentioned the benefits of a far infrared sauna for detoxing and burning calories.

Sauna Benefits for Heart Disease

The benefits of far infrared saunas for cardiovascular disease has been shown in dozens of studies. Saunas can lower blood pressure and actually reverse the signs of heart disease. The University of British Columbia in Vancouver showed infrared sauna therapy helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol normal, and reduces chronic pain. 

“Far Infrared Sauna has the ability to systematically eliminate internal chemical and heavy metal toxins, including mercury. This will lower the total toxic environmental load that suppresses biological function, longevity, and, ultimately, human potential.” – Jake Johnston, MD

Decreased Pain and Inflammation

far infrared sauna

Virtually every disease we suffer from is caused by or linked to inflammation in some way and saunas have an amazing anti-inflammatory benefit.  Saunas tend to help virtually every chronic disease including autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and general aches and pains. Far infrared sauna therapy decreases inflammatory markers in the blood such as CRP and have been shown to improve inflammatory markers in autoimmune diseases. 

Saunas Can Help Brain Fog

Far infrared saunas have been found to improve mood and symptoms of depression and anxiety.  They do this by producing a release of endorphins and decreasing cortisol (our stress and fat storage hormone). Saunas have also been shown to drastically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Saunas Boost Your Immune System

As the saunas wavelength of light penetrates the body, it increases body temperature mimicking a fever. Fever is the body’s way to accelerate immune response. In addition to boosting immune response saunas eliminates toxins through sweat which increases resistance to disease.  

In summary, Infrared saunas can help with:

check-mark-1 Detoxifying Fat Cells

check-mark-1 Reducing Stress 

check-mark-1 Arthritis Pain, and Joint / Muscle relief

check-mark-1 Burning Fat / Increasing Metabolism

check-mark-1 Boosting Immune system 

check-mark-1 Skin Problems

check-mark-1 Cardiovascular Health


check-mark-1 Blood Sugar Regulation

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