Detox Body Wraps

Do Body Wraps Actually Work?

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Lose Cellulite Fast with a Detox Body Wrap from Platinum Wellness!

Wondering if detox body wraps work? Well if you are ready to lose cellulite and inches quickly,  you might consider one of our medical grade wraps. While the body wraps we do at Platinum Wellness have been proven to reduce cellulite and inches quickly, that’s not the main reason we offer them.  By the way, these are medical grade wraps only done in doctors offices.

The most important reason to do a body wrap is to detoxify the superficial lymphatic system just under the skin. A great side effect of detoxifying this area is the reduction of the appearance of cellulite and inch loss! And since these wraps don’t simply cause water loss as most spa wraps do, the result is much longer lasting.

Body Wraps and Weight Loss

Our body wraps aid in the removal of cellulite by softening, breaking down and freeing trapped toxins and waste materials in the connective tissue. They stimulate the lymphatic system to purge toxins so your liver and kidneys can filter toxins out of your system. 

Our body wraps use herbal formulations developed by a biochemist from UCLA which comfortably  penetrates the skin to break down cellulite. This restores elasticity and firmness to your skin without dehydration, allowing you to experience fast inch loss and smoother skin the healthiest way possible.  

I met with Dr. Infantino and had a down-to-earth talk about why after 8 months of dieting; I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I jumped into his program with both feet. The staff is awesome. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone.”*~Pam M., Phoenix, AZ

Again, this is not just temporary water loss (you don’t even sweat with these wraps), but permanent inch loss.  Your body benefits internally as toxins are removed and externally through inch loss and contouring. This is not a typical Brazilian  or an It Works Body Wrap! 

For over 30 years, our detox body wrap has been helping patients experience loss of inches, diminishing of cellulite, skin tightening, and body contouring.  The results can be permanent and are completely safe. Also check out our blog post, Do body wraps have a bad rep?

Ready to start losing cellulite and inches? Even more important, ready to feel better than you have in years?  New patients can call to schedule a $145 wrap for only $95 (save $50!) and receive a complimentary consultation with Dr. Infantino.