Customized Supplementation

We Don’t Focus On Disease

At Platinum Wellness one of our main focuses is customizing supplements to help you achieve your health goals. We don’t focus on treating specific diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure / cholesterol, etc. but rather helping people get healthy enough to not have them! In our opinion this starts with balanced nutrition and great supplementation.   In 25 years of practice, I have learned if you truly want to restore your health to lose weight, great supplementation is the key!  Notice I said “Restore your health” first, then  “To lose weight.”  Most people have it backwards… We’ve been brainwashed to think… “If I lose weight… I’ll get healthy”  but to be honest it just doesn’t work that way.   Americans spend billions on weight loss ‘supplements’ yet we’re heavier and sicker than ever!  You can find “The best fat loss supplement” at every drugstore or supermarket.  On Amazon you’ll see dozens, if not hundreds of weight loss supplements…

The Real Problem With Weight Loss Supplements

Here’s the problem, most supplements (and weight loss drugs) are designed to simply force your body to burn fat by adding caffeine or other stimulants.  Even if they do work, how long can you keep taking them before they become ineffective as  your body adjusts to them? When you stop, your body tries to protect you from the next “famine” and ramps up fat storage hormones even higher than when you started! This is why almost everybody regains the weight with this approach!  Each cycle of diet causes our bodies to be more efficient at fat storage in the long run and weight loss pills make this even worse! This article from Web MD shed some good light on commonly used weight loss supplements. 

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

The key to sustained weight loss is not in taking fat burning supplements, but rather taking the right supplements to revitalize your metabolism and hormonal balance. This not only helps you lose weight fast, but keep it off for a lifetime. Our supplements for weight loss even have other great side effects like promoting a healthy liver, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and healthy elimination!  For example, your liver is your only fat-burning organ.  Certain supplements (herbs) cleanse the liver allowing your body to burn more fat and get healthier at the same time.  Whereas most diet pills make the liver sluggish, adding to weight gain in the long run! There’s a functional weight loss supplement to support every goal when used properly, and integrative medicine can show you how to leverage the best supplements for weight loss to help you reach your goals.

Gut Health and Weight Loss

Another critical example is gut health. If your gut microbiome is off, meaning you don’t have enough healthy bacteria to digest food (think bloating) your pancreas pumps out extra insulin to help digest food.   Unfortunately insulin is a powerful fat storage hormone.   Same with weight loss. I can’t tell you how many people come in eating 500-1000 calories and still can’t lose a pound. They need to revitalize their metabolism to burn fat again. (Not by using HCG, diet drugs, etc.)    In the long run you’d be far better off taking the correct supplements to revitalize your gut and liver.  Not to mention your energy will be better and chronic health conditions likely disappear 🙂 

Why are Vegetables Making Me Bloat?

So often people begin adding healthy veggies to their diet to lose weight, only to become more gassy and bloated.  This is because they don’t have enough healthy bacteria in their gut to digest them. Their gut health needs to be restored first.

Customized Supplements For Weight Loss

So where does this leave us? To sum it up, at Platinum Wellness we truly focus on revitalizing someone’s health from the inside. A side effect of this process is hormones and metabolism are rebooted to naturally burn fat again.  Think of it this way… you probably didn’t have to work real hard to burn fat when you’re in your 20s right? It wasn’t because you were younger it was because your body was cleaner, healthier and functioning better. When you restore normal healthy function you can lose fat and keep it off for a lifetime along with most meds 🙂

We use different supplement manufacturers to achieve these goals. All supplements are not created equal …Quality control of supplements is dismal in the United States. The FDA allows supplement manufacturers to water down their products with up to 50% fillers. This makes many of the pills you find at the store practically useless. Standards are so low that the FDA allows products to pass quality control with up to two rat hairs in each batch!  Because manufacturing standards are so low in the United States, Solutions4 manufactures to Japanese standards. Solutions 4 supplements are organically grown and harvested in Utah and meet Japanese specifications for product purity. They are truly some of the most effective, highest quality supplements available on the market today at any price, and contain absolutely no additives or fillers. To keep all nutrients intact, Solutions4 does not heat-dry or chemically-dry any of its ingredients. Everything is fully active and nutritionally available! We want the very best for your body.

Solutions 4 Supplements at Platinum Wellness PhoenixSolutions4 Supplements

  • Organically Grown
  • Kills Parasites
  • Cleanse Liver, Kidney, Bowel, Lymph
  • Cellulite Breakdown
  • Oxidize & Breakdown
  • Fat Increase Energy
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar
  • Reduces Hunger
  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression
  • Lessen Appetite
  • Increase Fat Burning Enzymes
  • Boost Immune System

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