Body Wraps

Due to Covid-19, Wraps are on Hold Until Further Notice.

Lose Cellulite Fast with a Body Wrap from Platinum Wellness!

This specific inch loss and cellulite reduction wrap was developed by a biochemist from the UCLA medical center.  The wrap process encourages circulatory and lymphatic flow in turn cleansing the body’s tissues. This internal cleansing causes healthy inch loss.  This is not your average spa wrap – they are done only in doctors’ offices with a typical loss of 4-12 inches*.

I met with Dr. Infantino and had a down-to-earth talk about why after 8 months of dieting; I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I jumped into his program with both feet. The staff is awesome. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone.”*
~Pam M., Phoenix, AZ

This is not just temporary water loss (you don’t even sweat with these wraps), but permanent inch loss.  Your body benefits internally as toxins are removed and externally through inch loss and contouring.
Our body wraps use herbal formulations which work externally to internally removing wastes that have been trapped in parts of your body.  Painlessly and comfortably, toxins are removed from the tissues underneath the skin restoring elasticity and firmness without dehydration. This allows you to experience a fast loss of inches in the healthiest way possible.

For over 30 years, our body wrap has been helping patients experience loss of inches, diminishing of cellulite, skin tightening, and body contouring.  The results can be permanent and are completely safe.

Want to see if they’ll work for you?  New clients can call to schedule a $145 wrap for only $45 (save $100!) and receive a complimentary consult with Dr. Infantino.