Candida/Leaky Gut

Bloated?  Diarrhea and/or constipation (less than 2 well-formed bowel movements per day)?  Weight gain?  Fatigue?  Food sensitivities? Depression? Skin problems? Hard to concentrate? Fibromyalgia? Spastic Colon? Sinusitis?

You could be suffering from an imbalance in healthy gut bacteria which can lead to yeast (i.e., candida) overgrowth.

candida gutIs Your Lifestyle Killing Your Gut Bacteria?

Under normal conditions, the 100 trillion or so “good” bacteria keep the always present yeast in your body under control. Unfortunately, there’s an epidemic of gut imbalances today due to many lifestyle factors that can kill off the healthy bacteria allowing yeast to multiply rapidly. They then quickly morph into a form that grows “roots” or “hyphae” which can burrow into the intestines (causing leaky gut syndrome and releasing toxins that wreak havoc potentially causing autoimmune disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), multiple sclerosis arthritis, or even celiac disease (notice the whole gluten-free thing these days?).

This all happens when these roots penetrate the gut wall and toxins are released by the yeast and undigested food hits the bloodstream.  This triggers an immediate immune response and can cause a variety of problems such as food allergies, an autoimmune disease, diabetes, M.S., thyroid issues, and much more.

How Does Candida Form?

How does it all start in the first place you ask?  There are many factors leading to candida overgrowth or gut dysbiosis (i.e., good bacteria dying off and being replaced with bad ones), but antibiotics are at the top of the list along with other prescription drugs like birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, acid reflux meds and anti-inflammatory meds (e.g., Prednisone). All of these can kill off healthy bacteria allowing the invasion.  Processed foods, alcohol, coffee, stress, and artificial sweeteners can all lead to a gut imbalance, too. Ironically, this imbalance causes symptoms that tend to lead to more medications that, in turn, worsen the candida overgrowth!

Not only does yeast overgrowth cause the symptoms mentioned, but it also causes cravings for sugars, carbs, alcohol, and sweets.

Candida and Weight Gain

We then gain weight and blame ourselves for not having enough “willpower.”  Your will power may not be the issue as it is difficult, if not impossible, to out-willpower your physiology!  If yeast craves sugar and carbs, so will you.  You might avoid them for a while, but when you slip up just once the colony grows back, and you “even look at food and gain weight.”

The Solution-Candida Protocol
There are hundreds if not thousands of candida diets, supplements, etc., out there today that each promise “amazing results in a 10-day kit”, for example.  I have not found this to accurate in my 20+ years of practice.
In my opinion, it takes commitment, time, and a multifaceted approach to completely restore your gut balance and heal the gut.

Step One – First, do no more harm – antibiotics and acid suppression meds should be the last resort as they kill healthy bacteria and promote yeast growth. Next, since yeast thrives on carbs/sugar it will need to be reduced for a period of time while healthy bacteria can be reestablished with the right probiotics.  We also use a combination of organically grown herbs which kill and slow the replication of yeast while the normal balance is restored.
We also use different supplements and modalities such as whole-body vibration and far infrared sauna to cleanse and purify the blood, lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, etc.  This multi-prong approach has helped thousands overcome candida overgrowth and restore their health.

Wondering if you might have a candida issue?

Step Two -While it’s very difficult to diagnose, a thorough consultation with a few simple tests can shed some light.  If I think we can help I’ll tell you.  If not, I’ll help you find someone who can.

We’ve helped thousands.  Is our approach for you? Let’s find out.  Schedule a $25 consult with Dr. Infantino and receive a free fat loss/detox service.  No pressure, just a chat. 🙂