Candida Cleanse

Yeast is a microscopic organism that usually lives harmlessly in our bodies, particularly our guts.
Normally our intestines should have 100 trillion healthy bacteria and a very small amount of yeast. Unfortunately this balance can become disrupted allowing yeast to become more dominant. This is called Candida overgrowth.

According to a study from rice university approximately 70% of all people are affected by this imbalance.

This can produce a variety of symptoms such as:
Weight Gain
Brain Fog
Leaky Gut
Autoimmune Diseases (Like Celiac and Hashimoto’s)
Mood Swings
Low Libido
Psoriasis/Skin Issues

the list goes on and on…

And all of this is caused by…

The typical American diet…

Processed grains (from bread pasta tortillas etc) flour, sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol all contribute to the imbalance.

The largest contributor however is antibiotics. In fact, just one round of anabiotic’s can kill up to 80% of the healthy bacteria in the gut allowing yeast to take over.

Now, this might be a round of antibiotics for tonsillitis we took as a kid or an ear infection or dental work years ago all of which can set the stage for problems later in life.

And while rounds of antibiotics we take can certainly do damage, our largest exposure to antibiotics is in the food we eat every day which eventually leads to Candida overgrowth.

When you consider the typical American diet is virtually devoid of healthy bacteria which are needed to keep yeast in check, you can see how this sets the stage for Candida and a multitude of symptoms.

Our focus is on healing the gut through the use of the right food, supplements, and different therapies. It’s estimated at 90% of health challenges are directly linked to a gut imbalance so making sure this is functioning correctly it is critical.