systemic inflammation

Systemic Inflammation

Systemic inflammation can lead to a variety  of health challenges including everything from Alzheimer’s and dementia aches and pains to cancer and heart disease to name a few. If your doctor ran tests, such as C reactive protein homocysteine, which are high, your inflammation levels are also high. In my experience, this is caused by gut imbalances, environmental toxins,  processed foods, stress, etc.

If you’ve tried to eliminate these things with little results you may very well benefit from cleansing the body internally. Very often restore gut, liver and lymphatic system health will decrease systemic inflammation dramatically along with it the symptoms it causes.

Joint / Muscle Aches

Most of the aches we feel each day are due to systemic inflammation. As we decrease the inflammation amazingly the pain tends to lessen.

The structure of your body – spine, hips, knees, etc. – is designed to be aligned properly, like the front end of your car.  If the front end is misaligned, your tires “age” prematurely.  Your body works much the same.  Sitting at a desk, slips, falls, poor posture, car accidents, etc., all create misalignment causing excessive wear and breakdown.  This leads to degenerated discs, bone spurs, arthritis, and neck, back, hip, and knee pain – just to name a few.

Could those annoying little aches and pains not only prevent you from living the active, energized life you desire but also cause you to retain body fat?  In short, yes.  Pain (even minor, “normal” pain) is stressful to your body.  It causes it to produce a stress hormone called cortisol (which also happens to be a powerful fat storage hormone).

This sabotages many people’s weight loss efforts without them even knowing it.
The typical approach is to cover symptoms with medications while the damage continues.

Our Approach to Pain Relief

Our approach to pain relief is simple –  correct the cause of the problem by restoring alignment and normal function, thereby eliminating the source of the pain.

A simple assessment can tell if you are out of alignment, causing your discomfort.
Once we know the cause of the problem we can use chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and/or custom exercise to restore optimal function and get you feeling great.


There are several types of chiropractic techniques.  Dr. Infantino graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and uses the Palmer method.  He also uses other techniques such as biophysics, Pettibone, Thompson, and drop table depending on the patient’s condition and goals.

While we offer short pain relief plans, we’re most passionate about spinal correction.  This approach may take longer, but the results last. Corrective chiropractic care also involves the patient more with home exercises to strengthen and stabilize the spine and core; thereby empowering you to be proactive in your care so you need less care in the future.